Scheduling and Costs


Our crews do not jump from project to project just to start on the day we said. We don't leave your project once we begin, even if additional work is added. Once we start a project the crew stays until it is completed. We find clients greatly appreciate our efforts to reduce inconvenience and construction timeframes.  However, weather and other onsite contractors may disrupt our efforts.

Apples and Oranges

Landscapes are difficult things to compare for value. They are not like comparing items at a different grocer. To compare landscapers you need a common denominator. There are really only two ways to do this fairly. First, you can give multiple landscapers the same budget and compare the designs for value from plants, features, and overall look. Or you can take the same design with the same materials including soils, plants (size and amount), bases, brick, or whatever else you have involved in your project, get multiple estimates, then compare prices.  If this is not done the cheapest landscape might be the worst value.

Our proposals are made to give you a detailed quote.  We do not hide individual costs by just giving a total project price. Our proposals explain the materials and sizes we are suggesting for your project, and are detailed so every planting bed, patio, lawn, and tree is priced separately.   Every portion of the project is itemized for you to see and understand so you can appreciate their value. It also gives you the ability to compare us to other companies if you deem necessary. This also gives you the ability to reduce the cost of the project by eliminating certain items or certain features.

We may sometimes be the lowest estimate, but will very rarely be the highest one. Most often we fall in between, but we always land on the higher end for quality and beauty.


We do not charge for the initial visit, consultation and providing estimates.

We provide written detailed estimates whenever preparing pricing for work our client desire us to install. As much as possible, we segment the proposal into smaller areas and describe the work that will be performed, materials needed, and the pricing for each area. This allows clients to better understand the cost of every area, and have the ability to select individual areas to fit within their budgets. We will never charge more than what is quoted unless the client approves additional work.

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