Insurance and Guarantees

Rosemont Nursery carries general liability and worker's compensation insurance. We encourage people to feel free to ask for a copy if they desire. General liability insurance and workers compensation insurance covers work-related accidents that may occur on your property.  We hope that never happens.

Projects are priced with the use of equipment, such as loaders and large trucks, to reduce the man power needed to accomplish your project. Upon approving installation of your project you give us permission to use lawn areas and driveway for staging materials and accessibility to the work areas with equipment.

Driveways are often needed to stage material and parking. We are careful when using driveways. Although rare, we can not be responsible for damage to driveways and sidewalks. Surface marks from materials and equipment are common but most of it is remedied during our extensive clean-ups.

All plants purchased have warrantees for one year from the date of installation. Any purchased plant will be replaced within that year at no cost to our clients. Client's plants that we transplant and replacement plants are not warranted. Damage caused by animals, lack of care, too much care, or any uncontrollable acts are also not warranted.  Clients are encouraged to call with questions anytime to insure the plants health and the landscapes success.

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