When to Use a Landscape Designer

Landscaping is the first impression people get of your home, but the last thing people plan when building or remodeling a home. Landscaping is the frosting on the cake, the lace on the dress, and the whip cream on the sundae. As a landscape designer my preference is to get involve as early as I possibly can. I can make suggestions and give ideas in the beginning of the project that will allow for a more artistic finished product.

Economically, soils can be moved where they are needed the first time instead of being moved over and over. Also, sidewalks can be designed with an artistic flare instead of being the shortest, hard surface between two points. Patios can be designed for an outdoor living experience to enjoy, and not just a 10x10 surface slapped against the back door. Decks can be designed to keep open views from major windows to the backyard as opposed to being a resting place for a couple patio chairs and an outdoor grill.

The earlier we get involved, the greater the opportunity to consider more landscaping ideas. We can be more creative if we can design the sidewalk, decking, and patio with the landscape rather than just landscaping around those areas.

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